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Serpentine & Stichtite Rectangle Stone.


Rectangle Stone are wonderfully tactile and are great to use as a massage tool or as a worry stone to fiddle with and promote a sense of steady calm.

Serpentine & Stichtite - by SheEarth

Habit: massive     Hardness: 2.5 - 4

Family: Serpentine

Crystal system: Monoclinic

Localities: Australia

A unique Aussie gemstone combination Serpentine and Stichtite naturally forming together in Zeehan/Dundas region in Tasmania. Also know as Atlantisite it is a stone for understanding and forgiveness. It can assist you to find the acknowledgment needed to bring about healing wounds of the past.

Each unit is for one gemstone rectangle stone.

Serpentine & Stichtite Rectangle Stone

  • - Carved Shape:  Smooth Rectangle
    - Gemstone Variety: Serpentine & Stichtite
    - Carving Size: 40mm x 30mm x 8mm
    Each piece is intuitively chosen especially for you. There will be some size and colour variation from piece to piece but overall they are all of the same quality as the stones pictured.

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