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💙💚✨ Raw Labradorite ✨💚💙
Look how ama
If you are hunting for Easter inspiratio
I was going to show you all these huge a
✨💎💚 Emerald 💚💎✨
New half rough half
🤍✨ Clear Quartz Pyramid's ✨🤍
We have t
Dendritic Agate
This is the lucky last o
💙💚 the almost hypnotic beauty of Chrys
It might only be Rose Quartz but gosh ti
🤍💎 Clear Quartz 💎🤍 These spectacular
Apologies to my Etsy fans I have been tr
Aquamarine Crystal
Want to see something different and unus
💛🖤🤎❤️ Agate Slice Lamp ❤️🤎🖤💛
Ok I
✨💎💜Amethyst Crystal Bowl💜💎✨
No filte
These are rare gem beauties; tr
Prosperity on a Lepidolite (with pink to
Raw Rose Quartz Candle Holder
⏰💜 Amethyst Crystal Clock 💜⏰
This piec
Some peacock coloured Labradorite Labrad
Raw Moldavite
With a bit of luck I will be listing the
Do you looove Agate? Especially Flower o
Monday getting you down? Feel like your
⚡💟 Chevron Amethyst 💟⚡
Tis easy to see
Ok I have been waiting to show you THIS
💎💜🌸 Amethyst Flower 🌸💜💎
One of the
Large Carnelian Tumbles
Agate Geode bookends
Gold Calcite Buddha
Rainbow Fluorite Points
Prehnite and Seraphinite Bracelets
Raw Blue Lace Agate
New Goodies: Gemstone Massage Rollers
Selenite Lamp
Large Lapis Lazuli Sculpture
Citrine Crystal Stalactite Specimen
Rainbow Fluorite flower bowl
Gemstone Eggs
Gold Tiger Eye Free form Carvings
Ocean Jasper Hearts
Tanzanite Crystal
Realgar Crystal Cluster
Dioptase Crystal Cluster
Cobalt Calcite Clusters
If you love Kambaba Jasper you may want
Natural Tanzanite Crystal
Carnelian free form sculptures

We offer a variety of natural gemstone, crystals and other earthly delights in various forms, all of which we have lovingly created or hand selected ourselves. Below are some examples of the type of stones we are forever in love with therefore often have in stock. However we are always discovering new gems, secret wonders & hidden beauties so please feel free to contact us if you are searching for a specific treasure.


Our style could be described as casually glamorous, whimsically playful, naturally beautiful and sometimes simply delectable. We create our jewellery pieces so they are not only beautiful but practical too, being quite robust they are made to live your life and be spontaneously happy whilst wearing.


With the belief that Gemstones, Rocks and Crystals are some of nature’s most beautiful art work we make all of our unique jewellery pieces to emphasize the natural beauty of stone. By keeping our silver work and other jewellery components to a minimal we make the stone the true highlight of every piece. As self-taught Beadsmiths we take inspiration from various colours, textures and shapes found throughout the natural world.



We have a small selection of cards created with photographs we have taken on our gemstone adventures and in the picturesque surrounds of Warrandyte.

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