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Pyrite Crystal Cluster.  Pyrite Crystal Cluster - also known as "Fool's Gold"-  is the natural glitz & glamour stone. Displaying a metallic silver gold colour Pyrite is a dazzling stone with many geometric natural crystal cubes and octahedrons which catch and reflect the light making it gemstone disco ball in the sunlight.


Raw gemstones are beautiful chunks of rough gemstone kept exactly as nature created them. They are wonderful to have around your home or graden to bring a little crystal magic to your space.


Pyrite - by SheEarth

Habit: cubic     Hardness: 6 – 6.5

Family: Metals; Iron

Crystal system: Cubic

Localities: Peru, Spain, Brazil, Australia

Also known as 'Fools Gold' Pyrite is a really fantastic stone to promote grounding and concentration, giving you focus for the task at hand. Pyrite can also be used to provide understanding of a situation/perspective or the way things work, making it a valuable tool to inquisitive minds. Not water friendly.


Each unit is for one piece of raw gemstone.

Pyrite Crystal

  • - Stone Type: Pyrite
    - Gemstone State: crystal cluster
    - Size range: ____ x ____ x ____ mm approx.
    Each piece is intuitively chosen especially for you. There will be some size and colour variation from piece to piece but overall they are all of the same quality as the stones pictured.

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