Jet Stone Crystal. Raw Jet Stone displays an opaque jet black colour and is a fascinating stone to examine. Being of natural origins you can see all these tiny 'imperfections' or inclusions within the make up of the Jet: veins, lines and ridges eluding to its' once living tree state now captured in fossilized stone. As an organic gemstone Jet is surprisingly lighter weight than you anticipate when held in your hand, and as it is so highly prized in jewellery it is not often available in its raw state so this will be a real treasure to crystal collectors.


Jet Rough

  • - Stone Type: Jet
    - Gemstone State: raw/rough
    - Weight: ___ to ___ grams
    - Size range: ____ x ____ x ____ mm approx.
    Each piece is intuitively chosen especially for you. There will be some size and colour variation from piece to piece but overall they are all of the same quality as the stones pictured.
    Each unit is for one piece of raw gemstone.