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Citrine Crystal Heart in stand


A lovely homeware item gemstone candle holders can be used as pen/pencil holders, craft tool storage or as tealight candle holders to bring healing crystal energy to your space.


Citrine - by SheEarth

Habit: prismatic     Hardness: 7

Family: Quartz

Crystal system: Trigonal

Localities: Brazil, Madagascar, Africa

Universally known as the stone of Wealth, Prosperity and Abundance, it is a glorious stone prized by many cultures across the world. With its golden vibrancy it rejuvenates all aspects of your world; bringing a warm nurturing energy into your spirit and balanced harmony to your general well being.


Listing is for Citrine Crystal cluster heart AND black metal stand, white stone display is not included.

Citrine Crystal Heart in stand

  • - Stone Type: Citrine Crystal Cluster carved into a heart
    - Size : 17cm wide x 12cm tall x 5.5cm deep approx stone alone, stand stands  13cm tall.

    - weight: 2.6kg

    The piece pictured is the exact piece you will receive. We have done our best to capture the true colour, quality and nature of the stone however different devices can disply colour differently.

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