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Black Kyanite Crystal. Natural Black Kyanite Crystal, Crystal Cluster or Blade as they are sometimes referred to as display an opaque opaque charcoal black colour with all the individual Kyanite crystals splayed out like a fan it is a very intruding stone quite unlike many other dark gemstones.


Raw gemstones are beautiful chunks of rough gemstone kept exactly as nature created them. They are wonderful to have around your home or graden to bring a little crystal magic to your space.


Kyanite - by SheEarth

Habit: bladed crystal     Hardness: 6–7/ 4 -5

Family: Kyanite

Crystal system: Triclinic

Localities: Brazil, Nepal, Switzerland, Burma

A highly advanced metaphysical gemstone it can be used to ascertain that which you desire, and provide you with the tools needed for you to actualize your hopes and dreams. Used by healers for its’ highly accelerated healing and specialty colour ray energy. Can be used to brush off/remove negative energy.


Each unit is for one piece of raw gemstone.

Black Kyanite Crystal.

  • - Stone Type: Black Kyanite
    - Gemstone State: crystal
    - Size range: ____ x ____ x ____ mm approximently 
    Each piece is intuitively chosen especially for you. There will be some size and colour variation from piece to piece but overall they are all of the same quality as the stones pictured.

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