A rarer gemstone this raw Eudialyte gemstone is a lovely specimen piece. Displaying an opaque deep rosie pink colour overall with a few tiny black or white patches naturally within the stone, it is the 'gemmy' rich pink almost red sections of the Eudialyte that capture your eye (and your heart) they are simply lucious. 


Raw gemstones are beautiful chunks of rough gemstone kept exactly as nature created them. They are wonderful to have around your home or graden to bring a little crystal magic to your space.


Eudialyte - by SheEarth

Habit: massive     Hardness: 5 – 5.5

Family: Silicate

Crystal system: Trigonal

Localities: Canada, Russia

A master heart chakra stone Eudialyte promotes self forgiveness, self acceptance and unconditional self love. Banishing feelings that prevent you from achieving your passion. Healing all emotional wounds and related trauma it is a stone for caring, kindness and inner harmony. Promotes ESP and other psychic talents.


Each unit is for one piece of raw gemstone.

Eudialyte gemstone

  • - Stone Type: Eudialyte
    - Gemstone State: natural specimen
    - Size range: 51mm x 36mm x 27-35 mm approx.
    The piece pictured is the exact piece you will receive. We have done our best to capture the true colour, quality and nature of the stone however different devices can disply colour differently.