Blue Lace Agate Tumble Stone. Blue Lace Agate is a wonderfully soothing gentle stone not just energetically but even to look at it is calming with a translucent to opaque baby blue with 'lace' like banding across the stone it is a very pretty gemstone in addition to it lovely anxiety banishing properties.

Tumble stones are an easy way to carry a gemstone or gemstones with you to have their energy with you all the time.


Blue Lace Agate - by SheEarth

Habit: nodule, massive.     Hardness: 7

Crystal system: Trigonal

Family: Quartzite Agate Group

Localities: Africa, India, Germany

Promotes patience, kindness, tranquility and peace. A soothing and calming stone, it is highly beneficial for all anxiety disorders/issues. Relieves panic and anxiety attacks. Discourages nervous bad habits by enhancing your self confidence and allowing you to be at ease. It is one of the best communication stones.


This listing is for one tumbled stone.

Blue Lace Agate Tumble Stone

  • - Stone Type: Blue Lace Agate
    - Gemstone State: polished tumbled stone
    Each piece is intuitively chosen especially for you. There will be some size and colour variation from piece to piece but overall they are all of the same quality as the stones pictured.
    Each unit is for one piece of raw gemstone.